Programs We Offer

SWLA Youth Foundation is 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in Lake Charles, La implementing education programs in Calcasieu Parish. Programs include Truth, Facts & Lies; Take Charge; Teens, Sex & the Law, and parent and community education programs. We have a teen advisory board selected from students who have participated in Truth, Facts & Lies at their school.


SWLA Youth Foundation currently has over 30 volunteers who serve as Truth, Facts & Lies facilitators in area schools. 

Truth, Facts, + Lies

Truth, Facts & Lies is a seven-session educational program for high school and middle school students. Our volunteers meet with students throughout the school year to present sessions. We cover bullying, social media, online solicitation & human trafficking, dating and relationship abuse, the teenage brain & addiction, and Louisiana law as it relates consent, sexting, etc. 


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Take Charge

Take Charge is for teen girls and covers social issues our girls have identified as issues they face. We currently offer two Take Charge programs. Kiss My Harassment Goodbye was inspired by #metoo movement and aims to help young women set boundaries, find their voice, and stand up for themselves. Women in Media: What Are You Buying looks at how women are portrayed in music, advertisements, movies, etc and how that image effects our self-worth and expectations. Take Charge programs can be presented as individual workshops and are appropriate for girls ages 13+.


We have a 90-minute presentation just for parents and adults who interact with teens. We look at brain development and communication strategies, how social media is affecting teen lives and their brains, anticipatory guidance and current research findings on social issues facing teens. We discuss strategies for monitoring your teen’s social media activity. If you would like to schedule a parent seminar, email

Margarita Bingo: Party for a purpose

Margarita Bingo is an opportunity for our community to help The Southwest Louisiana Youth Foundation implement programs like Truth, Facts & Lies and Take Charge in area high schools. We presently have over 30 community leaders serving as volunteers in schools. The SWLA Youth Foundation also provides parent programs and workshops for a variety of organizations in our community. We have awarded $5000 in scholarships to area students.